Stewart and Jasper Orchards

Our People

Jim Jasper and his son, Jason Jasper, believe that management controls and procedures are not the real story of their company’s success. The real story lies in the individual contributions, experience, and talents of Stewart & Jasper’s people, many of whom have spent most of their working years with the company. Youth is also highly valued, for because of them we have faith in a successful future.

Jim Jasper and Jason Jasper

Stewart & Jasper has been in existence since 1948—my entire lifetime! During that half-century I have been fortunate to learn from two of the most influential people in my life: my father, Lee Jasper, and his partner Romain Stewart.

Knowing my responsibility to honor their trust in me, I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that the present and future success of Stewart & Jasper reflects the values, wisdom and hopes of its’ founders.

Jim Jasper

Jason Jasper
Vice President



Farming Department at Stewart & Jasper


Hulling and Shelling Department at Stewart & Jasper

Processing Department at Stewart & Jasper


Marketing Department at Stewart & Jasper


Retail Department at Stewart & Jasper

Office Staff at Stewart & Jasper Orchards



  Wes Asai
  Crop Consultant


Ray Henriques
Farm Manager,  General Manager,
and Hulling & Shelling


Rick Marcoux
Processing Manager


Marguerite Bradley
Marketing Manager
Domestic & Export Bulk Sales


Rebecca Genasci
Retail Manager